Always true to herself, Rosemarie’s music reaches the listener in their heart. Unmatched technical and artistic talent has garnered Rosemarie critical acclaim. Soulful and real, her voice conveys her emotions and personal experiences.

A singer since age 7, Rosemarie has lived all over the United States from Florida to California and New York yet always maintained her love of music. Her 2019 debut album To Be Determined showcases her vocal versatility and dedication to songwriting. She always stays true to herself no matter which destination her journey takes her, and she wants you along for the ride. 

What do you want your legacy to look like?

Building a successful life for my loved ones while being true to myself. I hope to reach people in other ways than just music, music is a vessel.

Who are your biggest influences?

Drake and Rihanna are huge idols because of their monumental success, want to reach that magnitude.

What does BVE mean to you?

Bird Vision believed in me, pushed me, supported me, and helped me achieve what I wanted, and I take great pride in being part of that. Family first, business after, rare to find someone who really makes your struggle their struggle.

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